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Maintenance of 630 Rail Stations: From Underground Utilities Survey to Civil 3D Model

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    In this class, we’ll show how to solve a critical situation that might cause a waste of money and time in the maintenance operation of underground utilities of 630 railway stations. Lack of data causes major issues. To retrieve the correct information about the underground, we’ve established, for each station, an innovative workflow that starts from an AutoCAD file containing an old design of the utilities, mainly water system and sewerage. The first step of this workflow is the topographic and geophysics surveys, followed by a post-processing data and 3D rendering of the underground. Inside Civil 3D software, the 3D model of the underground utilities can be used to optimize the design of the sewerage and water system, and link them to information and documentation useful for maintenance operation.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to integrate different surveying technologies to obtain a complete 3D underground model
    • Learn how to model underground utilities of a station using a 3D underground model as a base for the design in Civil 3D
    • Learn how to create an innovative workflow for maintenance operations of a railway station
    • Learn about the benefits of having information about underground utilities during the planning phase