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Large Scan-to-BIM Project: Merging Laser Scans with UAV to Get the Indoor and Outdoor

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    In this class, we'll present the reality capture process of a hospital that we realized by using unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) captures for the exteriors and laser scans for the interior. We captured 1,200 laser scans and then merged them with a UAV-based point cloud extracted from 500 photos and 10 ground control points. Making this project a success required a thorough upstream preparation and a careful on-site implementation, and we will present both in this talk. We'll explain the methodology involved in assembling such a project in ReCap Pro software, from the assembly of the scans to the verification of the resulting point cloud. We defined our own methodology for this process given the huge number of laser scans and the fact that they needed to be merged with the UAV scan. We'll also demonstrate how we capitalized on this reality data in Revit software to get the Building Information Modeling (BIM) model. We'll also demonstrate our point-cloud-based viewer in a fully immersive virtual reality experience like HTC Vive.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to prepare a large 3D capture survey
    • Learn how to assemble a laser survey and photogrammetry by UAV
    • Discover ReCap tips and tricks
    • Learn about IT consulting to manage as much data