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Involve Analysis from Predesign Through to Documentation Phase in Your BIM Process

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    This class is intended for structural engineers/technicians and contractors who struggle with the on-time delivery of accurate structural analysis results. It's a daily challenge for structural engineers to make the right decisions on structural geometry based on limited project data. Being competitive in structural design means early delivery of building construction documentation. In this session you will learn how to perform early-stage analysis on your structural models in Revit in order to define the right foundation design. You will discover how to detect structural problems in your predesign stage of your Building Information Modeling (BIM) process using cloud analysis in Revit with the Structural Analysis toolkit. Find out how to share your analysis conclusions with the other stakeholders of the project. Finally, we will evaluate the predesign decisions with comprehensive detailed analysis of your structural model in Robot Structural Analysis.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to perform load takedown with Gravity Analysis for Revit
    • Learn how to analyze your Revit model in the cloud to evaluate early stage design
    • Learn how to build up detailed structural-analysis models with Revit and Robot Structural Analysis
    • Learn how structural analysis can be introduced in the early stage of your BIM design process