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Integrated Revit/Cloud/ERP Workflow for the Precast Industry

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    Today, in precast factories, we often find that each department has its own software and associated information stored in its own data silos. Quite often, this disjointed information leads to wrong decisions, resulting in annoyed customers, demotivated employees, and, ultimately, lost profits. A solution to this situation is provided by the BIM (Building Information Modeling) software Revit extended with special precast features fully connected with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. This class shows the power of an integrated ERP system in a precast factory where no data has to be inserted twice and all participants use the same data (a single source of truth). We’ll cover estimation with data from Revit, take a detailed look at automation tools for Revit, and create CAM data for production. In the ERP, we’ll see the planning of production, logistics, materials, and resources. We explore the communication between the precaster, the client, and the site via the cloud with the Precast 360 platform (based on the Forge).

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use automation to create precast elements and shop drawings with reinforcement and embeds inside Revit quickly and securely
    • Learn how to connect the Revit precast model with the ERP system to control and manage the full workflow from design down to production
    • Learn how to perform transportation and production planning with the CAM data from Revit and operate the production
    • Learn how, supported by the 3D precast model, you can communicate via the cloud with the client and the building site