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Infrastructure FM: Effective Maintenance of Railways and Roads Using BIM and GIS

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    What are the benefits of the integration between BIM (Building Information Modeling) and geographic information system (GIS) in infrastructure facility management? This class will demonstrate how combined usage of Esri GIS data and tools and the as-built intelligent models enables your organization to do the following: monitor the entire railway or road integrating the intelligent model into the environment. The use of GIS data like geological surveys, interferometric data, and historical data regarding hydrogeological risks can let us prevent infrastructure damages; plan preventive and corrective maintenance merging data from intelligent models and GIS information, for example, choosing the optimal route to reach the point of interest; choose optimal solutions that respect the environment by exploiting the functionality of specific tools (for example, solar exposure and irradiation); and communicate effectively with the team distributed throughout the territory.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover best practices for getting started with integration between the Esri GIS platform and Autodesk software for facility management
    • Learn how to set up a workflow between BIM and GIS
    • Explore opportunities and benefits of GIS analysis
    • Learn how to foresee major issues to prevent infrastructure damages