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How to Run Clash Detection in BIM 360 Model Coordination Using BIM 360 Design

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    Learn how to share models from Revit software to BIM 360 Docs software using BIM 360 Design software, and then how to use this model in BIM 360 Model Coordination for Clash Detection, reviewing clash with team, creating issues, and more. Model Coordination provides a shared space to publish, review, and run clashes on your latest set of project models and upload 3D models to a centralized Model Coordination folder, and the clash service automatically locates any issues in those models. BIM 360 Design is a cloud work-sharing and design-collaboration product built for distributed, multidisciplinary teams. With BIM 360 Design, you can co-author Revit models in the cloud, control work-sharing activities, and coordinate deliverable exchange across teams.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to share a Revit model to BIM 360 Docs using BIM 360 Design workflow.
    • Learn how to prepare your models for model coordination in BIM 360 Docs.
    • Learn how to perform clash detection, review clashes, create issue, and assign issue to team members in Model Coordination.
    • Get useful tips and information to help potential users and new users set up and prepare to use BIM 360 Design, BIM 360 Docs, and BIM 360 Model Coordination space from the support perspective.