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How to Empower Your Project with Real-Time Visualization and VR Using Autodesk Software

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    Implementing new technologies in a business can prove to be difficult, specially if we don't have a clear idea of the benefits it can provide. This session will cover the why, where, and how to start empowering almost any AEC or product development with the latest real-time 3D visualization technologies. Today, game engines are faster and more powerful than ever, allowing architects, engineers and scientists to visualize, interact and review their projects like they were finished; featuring rich graphics, custom functionalities and real-world scale naturally perceived by using a VR headset. While all that may sound difficult, continuous advancements in 3D tools are making it possible for you to create real-time, VR-ready projects in less time - and in a cost-effective way.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how businesses can implement real-time rendering technologies in architecture, engineering, and product development projects
    • Learn how game engines and VR can boost your project development, adding value to your business
    • Learn about the required software for developing interactive experiences, and discover where to start learning them
    • Learn key hardware and software concepts for choosing and preparing your corporate or home production environment for real-time rendering and VR applications