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Industry talk    CS22026
How to Create Virtual-Reality Project Proposals with Drone-Captured 3D Reality Data and Stingray
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In this presentation, we'll walk through the workflow used to capture 3D reality data with a drone, use that 3D reality data and building design in Stingray game engine, and create virtual reality proposals and client-status updates. Learn how to amaze potential clients with virtual-reality walk-throughs and win their business. This session features Autodesk Stingray and ReCap 360. AIA Approved

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to create a 3D reality model of a work site using a drone
  • Learn how to use the 3D reality data for building design
  • Learn how to import the combined reality data and building designs into Stingray
  • Learn how to provide potential clients with a virtual-reality tour



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