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Hollywood BIM for Infrastructure

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    This lecture will cover the process of creating striking videos designed to communicate complex infrastructure projects within a Building Information Modeling (BIM) pipeline. You will discover how products from Autodesk, Inc., can enable you to deliver detailed technical information to both engineers and non-technical audiences involved in a project. Helicopter video shooting, tracking, and 3D replacement have become essential exercises for achieving this purpose in transportation infrastructure projects such as airports, freeways, and elevated-train systems. We will follow some of these videos from beginning to end, covering topics that include: preproduction tips for shooting video from a helicopter and tracking with the MatchMover application; integration of tracking points and camera in a 3ds Max software environment; BIM pipeline integration with 3ds Max software and Revit software; rigging and animating transport in 3ds Max software; rendering management in the Backburner application; and optimized compositing. Download videos at:

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the enormous advantages of using 3D tracking with the MatchMover application for transportation infrastructure projects
    • Discover the relevance of rigging and animation in transportation infrastructure projects
    • Learn about BIM pipeline integration in 3ds Max software for visualization purposes
    • Discover how Autodesk products can allow you to deliver technical information to both engineers and non-technical audiences