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Gaming technology brings collaboration between BIM professionals and non-expert users

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    Efficient collaboration is very important for the success of a building project. How could gaming and cloud technologies help to reach it? In this lecture we explain how to use Revizto in life cycle of a building, thereby avoiding misunderstandings. You will learn how to turn your architectural designs from Revit, AutoCAD and other software into navigable 3D environment in few minutes, how to share it with the team through the cloud and open it on any device including iPad. We'll show you how to collaborate effectively with your teammates and clients, using handy real-time tools such as markers and camera sharing. Revizto doesn't require serious set of skills to learn it.

    Key Learnings

    • Convert BIMs into navigable 3D environments
    • Tune the scene in Revizto Editor
    • Present BIMs to non-expert users
    • Reduce misunderstandings in the team using Revizto visual collaboration tools such as markers, camera sharing, etc.