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Form a Superhero Team: How to Connect People and Do Great Things—A Panel

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    How can you create a team of people who will champion technology strategy inside your firm? In this panel discussion, we'll explore techniques and ideas for preparing innovative teams within an established company, focusing on how to get your change strategy off the drawing board. We will present findings from last year's session on this subject and share what the audience had to say. Finding like-minded individuals who share your vision is critical, but there are many more important steps when vying for a better process. We'll explore a multitude of strategies from Autodesk software and the real world that have worked in the past, as well as look at what to avoid. How do you follow through? How do you propose a business case? What staffing do you need? If you are struggling to learn how to adapt your business to the fast-paced, ever-changing climate of technology implementation, this is the panel for you!

    Key Learnings

    • Learn what other firms are doing—it can help you find the hidden super powers of your employees
    • Discover the results from the research on how teams become great
    • Learn how to find methods to connect with your team in unexpected ways
    • Discover processes you can use to help adapt yourself and others to the fast-paced change in your industry