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Facility Models and Data Integration: Denver Airport's BIM / GIS / Asset Management Data Hub

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    Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Revit software are big in design and construction, but if maintenance and asset management aren't part of the lifecycle data process, then are we really doing BIM? Or is it simply virtual design and construction? The most important component in the BIM process for maintenance and asset management is the facility model and its connection to an asset management system; it may also be the easiest element in the process to overlook. In this class we'll discuss the evolution of Denver International Airport's efforts to integrate their Revit software, AutoCAD Civil 3D software, BIM 360 software, geographic information system (GIS), and Maximo Asset Management programs to create the Holy Grail of BIM—a single source of truth for facility data.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to analyze the needs of an owner to ensure the final model fits his or her facility management needs
    • Learn how to guide the development of the BIM model from design through construction and into facilities management
    • Learn how to integrate a BIM model with GIS data and an asset management system to create a single source of truth
    • Learn how to implement a BIM process outside of the project to the whole facility