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FM—with the End in Mind

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    During a typical BIM (Building Information Modeling) project, we focus on the design and coordination process with the goal of constructing a building. But what then? After construction there is commissioning, warranty, and the operational phase. Seems like a waste to take that content and just archive it on a server, right? What if we had a longer-term vision and could use coordinated content after the punch list was completed? Seems easy enough, but is it? In this session, we’ll discuss how to prepare a project team and facility managers to use models, construction documents, photos, and asset data from BIM 360 software for use in facility management (FM) via BIM 360 Ops software. We’ll discuss what information needs to be set up early and how to transition from construction to FM, while supporting commissioning and warranty phases. We want to help you understand the path to full lifecycle management, integrated systems with BIM 360, when to start, and how to get the owner and project team looped into the process, early!

    Key Learnings

    • Better understand the path to full lifecycle management
    • Learn when to start the process, and what data is needed
    • Learn how to get the owner and project team looped into the process
    • Learn how to use the integrated BIM 360 platform and content