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Existing to Expansion—BIM 360 Ops for the Fayetteville Public Library System

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    In 2016, Fayetteville, AR, began planning a 70,000-square-foot expansion to their existing library. The project adds innovative, community-focused spaces where patrons can develop photography, experience VR, and host large-scale events. One challenge identified by the owner was how to manage the equipment in both the new addition and the existing building. The facilities team decided to use BIM 360 Ops software as their computerized maintenance management system and engaged a consultant to streamline the data-import process. This class will explain the process and key considerations for successful integration of BIM 360 Ops for existing and new construction. The team worked together to establish the asset list to ensure streamlined import of data from the facility’s existing documentation and the expansion’s design and construction data. The completed project brings the library’s asset information into one place, enabling staff to effectively operate and maintain the expanded building.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover ways that standard industry project practices (Submittals and Commissioning) can enhance populating BIM 360 Ops data
    • Learn about the workflow of information required to successfully execute a BIM 360 Ops implementation
    • Discover lessons learned from implementing the BIM 360 Ops CMMS system on the Fayetteville Public Library project
    • Discover the importance of collaboration of the entire project team on BIM 360 Ops projects