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Estimating: The Missing Link in the BIM Evolution—Connection Design to Execution

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    Construction’s digital future is already here. To avoid falling behind, contractors must navigate new workflows and use new tools, despite a lack of clear standards on data and process. With huge advances in digital design management and an increased need for data access, being able to work effectively across 2D, 3D, and 5D for quantities, costs, and simulations is becoming mandatory. Construction information gathered during preconstruction is vital for minimizing cost overruns and delays when the project execution begins. The key to unlocking that information lies in the estimating process. Accurate and professional estimating makes or breaks projects. This is where the project is understood, risks identified, and decisions made for how it is to be constructed. Seamlessly linking this data across stakeholders and stages for optimized outcome is possible with the right tools. Join this session on how to take advantage of innovative tools to succeed in construction’s digital future—today!

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to effectively live link 2D, 3D, and estimating (5D) in preconstruction for better results in delivery
    • Learn how to visually explore the 3D with 5D models for better project understanding and stakeholder collaboration
    • Learn how to use valuable 5D data from preconstruction into cost management, planning, purchasing, quality control, and so on
    • Learn how to prepare and implement 5D BIM without disrupting the organization