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Disrupting Data Standards: A New Approach to Bridging the Design-to-Construction Gap

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    The global architecture, engineering, and construction industry could benefit from better adherence to standards. Many data standards exist, but few succeed. Who mandates the standard? Owner? Architect? Government? Representatives from and Construction Open Standards Alliance ( will kick off this roundtable discussion with a brief overview of the current Building Information Modeling (BIM) and construction data standards available today (in the United States and abroad). After defining the available data standards, the group will debate the relative adoption rates of these standards in the real world. The intended outcome is not to solve the technology barrier. Instead, it is to overcome the people and process barriers to digital collaboration. This roundtable debate will produce key opportunities to impact digital-standards adoption at the individual or company level.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover what the common industry BIM and data standards are and where to download them
    • Learn how to identify which data standards impact your role in the design-build process
    • Discover how the particular data standard is currently impacting your productivity (positive or negative)
    • Connect and network with like-minded industry professionals who are passionate about digital collaboration standards