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Digitizing Ipiranga Museum: Preserving Cultural Heritage Through GIS and BIM

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    Want to learn more about how to preserve cultural heritage and memory within a scan-to-BIM process? This class is for you! We’ll go deep into the real practice used for digitizing Ipiranga Museum, located in Brazil’s São Paulo, the 12th most populous city in the world. A Brazilian history museum, Ipiranga Museum is a symbol of eclectic architecture and contains a vast collection of furniture, documents, and historically relevant artwork. Discover how to explore reality capture to generate and detail accurate models, including, in this case, both the Museum's Monument Building and Independency Park where it is situated. We will cover the many potential integrations among ReCap Pro software, Revit software, Civil 3D software, InfraWorks software, and BIM 360 software, and demonstrate the ongoing results of this project. These are the first steps toward developing a digital twin for an existing historical asset, with the conclusion planned for 2022.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the application of digital tools, from reality capture to modeling of building and urban assets using a common data environment
    • Discover how to benefit from the interoperability among macro/micro-scale tools through GIS and BIM workflows
    • Learn about the challenges from a scan-to-BIM process associated with historical buildings and step-by-step approaches
    • Learn more about the variety of model uses that can be applied to this real case, such as 3D printing and gamification