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Digital and BIM: Building a Better and More Sustainable World

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    Our planet is facing the biggest challenges seen in humanity’s lifetime: The environment at risk and being destroyed by humans, the acceleration of city growth, and the population acceleration in the megacities of tomorrow. The building industry consumes a large part of our natural resources. There's a big demand for houses and infrastructures to welcome these future populations, and buildings are generating a large portion of the carbon footprint on our planet. How can we overcome all these challenges and make a better world for our children and our children's children? Digital and BIM (Building Information Modeling) is certainly one of the best ways to bring some concrete and very pragmatic answers. In this class, you'll see how Autodesk's BIM and digital software are helping shape the beautiful world of tomorrow. Through very concrete examples and solutions, you'll see that sustainability is not a dream anymore.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to design sustainable buildings.
    • Learn how to design sustainable infrastructures.
    • Learn how simulations tools can help you create more-efficient buildings.
    • Learn how BIM can help create a better world.