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Digital Twin for a BIM Level 2 Project: UCD Dublin

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    As main contractors on The UCD Dublin BIM Level 2 project, we are required to deliver a digital twin of the physical building prior to construction. This digital twin will contain accurate geometry and asset information relevant to FM, including drawings, manuals, and warranties. The UCD Student Residences masterplan consists of 3 phases. Phase 1 consists of 3 separate buildings, 2 student accommodation blocks and a student centre building with accommodation over to the northeast. Phase 2 consists of 3 separate residential buildings to the centre spanning northwest of the site. Phase 3 consists of surface car parking to the south associated with Roebuck Hall Residences and a building centred on Roebuck Castle (a protected structure to the south). The proposed 3-phase development will increase student residential accommodation by 3,006 bed spaces and provide ancillary and complementary facilities to create a living campus community in a new residential village connected to and integrated with existing residential village.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the pros of developing a digital twin
    • Understand the cons of developing a digital twin