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Design of Stadia Using BIM: Multidisciplinary Interaction for the Benefit of All

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    This class presents a case study of the design of the new Casement Park stadium in West Belfast, Ireland. Located on a tight site, this new Gaelic Athletics site posed numerous design challenges. We explore the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) throughout the MEP and structural design of this project, with particular focus on how the integrated design team used the entire Building Design Suite to benefit all parties. The engineering models were linked to Vico Office for 5D and to Navisworks® for the 4D construction planning. Structural analysis was assisted by links to Robot™ Structural Analysis, and the model was used for lighting analysis and people flow modeling. These workflows facilitated a more efficient design process for all parties. This class also looks at anticipated future directions for workflows that will improve the design process.

    Key Learnings

    • List the specific challenges related to stadium design, BIM, and project delivery technologies
    • Develop MEP and structural engineering workflows to improve efficiency
    • Describe changing multidisciplinary workflows and potential future developments
    • Apply current practices in 4D and 5D applications of BIM