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Design BIM LOD 400—Case Study of Volvo: Successes, Limitations, and Lessons Learned

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    As Building Information Modeling (BIM) and virtual design and construction (VDC) pulls us to new levels of collaboration, we might find ourselves afraid of that next BIM level. At Volvo's new plant that was completed this year in South Carolina, the general contractor, architects/engineers (A/E), and subcontractors formed design-build relationships and will be presented as a case study. We'll discuss examples of LOD 400 implemented to prevent errors and save cost and time, such as the A/E's mechanical engineer using LOD 400 for major elements of the design model to help the mechanical subcontractor. We'll discuss how this was accomplished from contract, coordination, permit, and delivery standpoints. We'll show what elements were taken to LOD 400 by the A/E, and what was taken to 350-400 by the trade contractors. We'll share lessons learned and limitations one has to keep in mind. Now that we've had this success, how do we learn from it, and how can you move forward and let LOD 400 take your project to the next level? Anthony will be joined by Yates Construction's Benjamin Crosby, who's a member of the BIMForum BxP Committee and LOD Core Group.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how design teams and trade contractors can work together to produce single-model workflow from early design through fabrication/installation
    • Discover the BIM-related contract and collaboration methods that can be used to enable enhanced coordination
    • Discover lessons learned from taking enhanced BIM design to field installation and building trust in the documents
    • Discover the pros and cons of using higher level of development in the 3D Model