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Cutting Building Envelope Chaos: Going Beyond the Skin to the Structural Skeleton

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    This course will present inventive techniques and methods, using Building Information Modeling (BIM) for the review of the building envelope. A key focus of the presentation will be the highlighting of how structural systems interact with the enclosure system. It will focus on topics such as the Level of Development (LOD) of architectural models and structural design models and how these progress into fabrication-level models for the building envelope in products such as Inventor software and Revit Architecture software with the structural system, interacting with products such as Revit Structure software and Advance Steel software. Key areas of this will be looking at localized high-level-of-development models around transitions of buildings, and will show how systems are brought together and used in a building-enclosure review meeting, as well as the importance of integrating both structure and building envelope as holistic systems as part of the review process.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover how fabricators will use combinations of software such as Revit and Inventor for the curtain wall systems
    • Discover how teams specify LOD to facilitate building-enclosure review meetings with the enclosure review consultants
    • Learn key points for steel and enclosure detailers on building enclosure review
    • Discover best practices for model management for building-enclosure review systems, and learn about key directions in a BIM execution plan