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Creating Intelligent Digital Built Environments

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    With Building Information Modeling (BIM), data now has the means to coalesce, become information, and be analyzed as never before. Data granularity and its volume achieved around BIM open the doors for the creation of a Google-like virtual model-based browser for the built environment. We utilize the combined design, construction, and operation know-how of TAV Construction and TAV Airports, based on innovative tools and technologies created for the built environment industry. Based on the success of the BIM-FM integration at the Medina Airport, we are expanding the use of BIM as a means to improve the operations of their investments. This effort has become a case study for us and for the industry in which several challenges have been addressed, opening the way for future possibilities. Using BIM as a platform to integrate existing digital infrastructure-such as computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) and BMS/BAS software-enables better analytics, performance for operations, energy management, sustainability, business, and more.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the process of BIM and facility management integration
    • Learn about challenges for a successful BIM-FM Integration
    • Learn how to use BIM as a platform to integrate existing digital infrastructure
    • Gain a virtual model-based browser for your built environment