Lecture    FB5474
Create Structural Shops Drawings and Fabrication Models Using Autodesk Revit
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New tools in Revit software have enhanced the ability of structural engineers and detailers to create shop drawings and fabrication models for structural components. This class will demonstrate the Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflow from structural models to fabrication to construction, all within Autodesk, Inc., software. We will learn how to take a structural engineer's Revit software model and turn it into a fabrication model and create shops drawings for rebar, steel framing and miscellaneous metals, and precast concrete. We will demonstrate new rebar modeling and annotation tools within Revit software, such as partitions and automatic bar-mark numbering, and we'll learn how to create rebar shop drawings and concrete lift drawings. We'll take steel framing from Revit software to Advance Steel software to detail the structural steel and miscellaneous metals and to create steel shop drawings. We will also show how to use parts, assemblies, and new structural framing and modeling tools to create precast concrete models and shops drawings.

Key Learnings

  • Discover the new tools and features for rebar modeling and annotation within Revit software to create rebar shop drawings
  • Learn how to take steel framing from a Revit software model to Advance Steel software for steel detailing and then take it back to Revit software
  • Learn how to use parts, assemblies, and new structural framing and modeling tools to create precast concrete shops drawings and model
  • Discover how to use a Revit software model to create concrete lift drawings that enhance coordination and increase field labor productivity



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