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Construction Scale 3D Printing – Past Present and Future Prospects

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    Since over two decades ago, when the speaker started the field of large scale 3D printing, no other activity in the field was initiated for over a decade. More recently the number of related developments have been exponentially increasingly. Technologies using various materials and various robotics approaches have been recently under development targeting a multitude of applications including building construction. A historical perspective, a review of current activities and discussion of future prospects focusing on construction for terrestrial and planetary applications of large scale 3D printing will be presented. Potential areas of interface with some current technologies such as CAD, BIM, IoT, etc. will also be discussed.

    Key Learnings

    • Become informed about the state-of-the-art in construction scale 3D printing and its current and future potentials
    • Bring the management of your company up to date about the emerging technology
    • Be able to identify potential applications of the technology for your company
    • Identify potential roles and directions in your company in relation to the emerging technology