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Collaborative Virtual Reality: The Creation of VR Without Geographic Borders

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    In this class, Jon Ferguson, Peter Pang, and Markee Foster will share their vast knowledge and experience regarding the creation of a truly collaborative virtual reality (VR) experience across state lines. What happens when you take virtual reality, remove the cords, and push it to the cloud with NVIDIA Holodeck, the HTC Vive, and BIM 360 software? Limitless possibilities, letting national architecture, engineering, and construction firms like Layton Construction service all geographic areas, with the best and highest VR experiences available.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about gaining bidirectional information using BIM 360
    • Learn how to create a photorealistic environment using 3ds Max, Revit, and NVIDIA Holodeck
    • Learn how to determine the right hardware and software for your needs
    • Learn how to utilize Holodeck and BIM 360 to collaborate in multiple offices or spaces at the same time