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Collaboration 2.0: Updating 3D Coordination Processes for the Cloud

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    Cloud platforms continue to improve collaboration in the construction industry. However, not all processes have adjusted to seamlessly share information, respond to issues in real time, and deliver on the potential offered by cloud platforms. Skanska USA Building is an early adopter of BIM 360 Field software and BIM 360 Glue software, reaping the benefits offered by the tools. Additionally, the firm has implemented several software extensions to optimize the coordination workflow. In this presentation, Skanska will describe the process adjustments made from design reviews to 3D subcontractor coordination to shop drawing completion. These enhancements have reduced time, increased accountability, and improved communication across our project teams as teams as a whole. Further updates and improvements to processes and tools will also be described.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to choose file formatting and processes that best serve the end deliverable
    • Learn how to identify overlaps and opportunities for automation: single actions that serve multiple uses
    • Understand the importance of shared responsibility and open-source tools
    • Learn how to determine areas for continuous improvement by creating project metrics and exploring incremental innovations