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Case Study: The Use of InfraWorks and the IDS for a Hydropower Project in Norway

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    In this case study we will present how InfraWorks software has been used to establish a multidisciplinary coordinating model using Infrastructure Design Suite software, and we’ll describe a successful workflow of how to best interact between the different software systems. The project is a complex hydropower scheme that includes a total of 20 kilometers of tunnels, 4 different reservoirs, several dams, creek intakes, and 2 different underground power stations. The lecture will focus on the advantage of using InfraWorks software from the early phase in a project through to the design phase. We will show you how we combined publicly available terrain data with highly detailed aerial laser scanning, aerial imagery, and underwater surveying. We will show our developed workflow between InfraWorks software, Revit software, and AutoCAD Civil 3D software, and how you can use InfraWorks software to combine geographic information system (GIS) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) in a common 3D model. Using InfraWorks software, large amounts of data was made accessible to Project Team members with standard laptops and workstations.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn the benefits of using InfraWorks together with Revit, AutoCAD Civil 3D, and visualization software
    • Learn how to plan workflow for establishing a coordinating model in a multidisciplinary project, from preliminary to detailed design
    • Learn useful features of InfraWorks for a civil infrastructure project
    • Learn how to use InfraWorks as a communication tool, both internally and externally