Lecture    UT1975-P
Building a Utility Industry Standard Library Philosophy for Substation Design
Arnold Fry
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In this class, you will learn how to customize substation design using a utility company standard philosophy with AutoCAD® Electrical and Autodesk® Inventor® software. We will cover in depth standard techniques to configure each module (Structural, Electrical, and Site Development) as a utility platform. You will improve your drawing efficiency, accuracy, coordination, and overall productivity. The use of consistent utility standards will give you the ability to validate data very quickly. Use this utility standard philosophy to create a fully integrated utility library that is applicable for new and existing projects. With minimal manual data input, you will be able to generate and retrieve documentation such as bills of materials, single line, three line, elementary/schematic, wiring diagram, panel, cable lists, structural analysis, station layout, grading plans, and asset information. Attendees should have general Inventor and AutoCAD Electrical knowledge.

Key Learnings

  • Use metadata to enhance productivity
  • Build a utility industry standard library
  • Explain device interaction between disciplines
  • List the benefits of achieving a utility industry standard library philosophy


 Arnold Fry
Arnold Fry
BS Electrical Engineering from Clemson University Registered Professional Engineer in North Carolina and South Carolina 21 years electrical industry experience including 15 years with Duke Energy Currently responsible for Substation Engineering Standard Organization in Power Delivery at Duke Energy. Served as the Business Project Manager for development and implementation of the Substation Design Solution which will be used in multiple design offices including: North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio and Indiana.

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