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Building Information Modeling for Contractors: Field Technology Integration

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    One of our main focuses over the past few years has been innovation and integration of technology across all of our projects. Many builders who are implementing Building Information Modeling (BIM) are using Building Suite tools for business development and preconstruction, but they are missing out on the value of using the model in the field. Learn technical processes and workflows, lessons learned, and implementation strategies from builders who are on the forefront of using BIM and related technology in the field. Field uses of BIM, Revit software, Navisworks Manage software, ReCap software, and BIM 360 Glue software are discussed, including visualization, file transfer protocol, coordination and clash detection, 4D construction simulation and scheduling, quality control coordination drawings, laser scanning, building layout quality-control measurement, linked plans, apps, and Mobile Technology Solutions. If you are interested in either using or understanding how builders are using BIM on construction sites, this practical class is for you.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover key points for successfully implementing coordination using various Autodesk products
    • Discover primary on-site uses (visualization, clash detection, 4D simulation, quality control, laser scanning)
    • List a variety of Mobile Technology Solutions and apps, including BIM 360 Glue software and the AutoCAD 360 app and the FormIt apps
    • Discover case studies that establish and enhance current standards and process using BIM on a construction site