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Brownfield Projects: Applying a Scalable AWP Approach with BIM 360 and Forge

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    Many owner/operators have recognized the value of advanced work packaging (AWP) and have seen large projects benefit from streamlined project delivery and better collaboration. This session will provide an overview of how to successfully apply AWP best practices to a portfolio of small brownfield projects. O3 Solutions powered by Forge and BIM 360 software provides an automated approach that eliminates spreadsheets and manual processes. The combined solutions address the overall AWP strategy and right-sizing AWP for each project. O3’s digital work package management solution is the first to help project teams create, update, approve, and progress work packages through their entire lifecycle—and automate the process when possible. Robust reporting and analytics keep all stakeholders informed, with real-time information from the field powering portfolio-level cross-project comparisons across contractors. Ditch manual processes on your brownfield projects and realize the benefits of scalable AWP.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create and manage work packages digitally on brownfield projects.
    • Learn how to automate constraints, approvals, and workflows to support AWP best practices.
    • Gain visibility into the status and progress of your portfolio of projects and cross compare contractors, areas, disciplines.
    • Learn how O3 and Autodesk can scale AWP for brownfield projects and portfolios.