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Bringing ISO 19650 to Silicon Valley: BIM Challenges on the BART Extension

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    This presentation will focus on the challenges encountered in implementing a structured ISO 19650 approach to BIM (Building Information Modeling) and data management for the BART to Silicon Valley Phase II Project located in Northern California. During conceptual and preliminary design, the management of data across the 25 firms, 10 disciplines, and 49 locations was critical to the successful delivery of the first milestone submission. Traditional workflows were challenged and digital solutions introduced to integrate software from Autodesk (Revit, Civil 3D, Navisworks, Assemble), Bentley (ProjectWise), Microsoft (SharePoint, Power BI), BIM Track, and various other applications (Leapfrog, Rhino). We will share some of the “secrets” of bringing these programs together with efficient and manageable processes and workflows; collecting, integrating, validating, and sharing data across teams; and using behavioral aspects in providing guidance and support to those new to a “one team” philosophy of digital collaboration.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover and navigate the challenges of applying ISO 19650 principles to a project.
    • Learn about developing technical solutions for a structured data environment.
    • Learn how to manage and integrate various design platforms for project success.
    • Discuss changing behavioral attitudes to technology and process changes.