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Bridging the Gap from Office to Field Using BIM 360

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    This class will focus on how Clayco has implemented best practices around deploying BIM 360 software on its projects for issue tracking, quality assurance / quality control, model coordination, and asset tracking. Building depth and developing synergies with multiple stakeholders is essential for creating an environment that lets BIM 360 be a trusted and utilized platform in the design-build process. It is critical from the project’s start to have clearly defined expectations, as well as mapped support for all project users. Empowering "project champions" decentralizes administrative support, which bridges the gap between what the field needs and how best the office can support it. Creating user-specific training allows for greater insight into the workflows of various stakeholders, and increases the ability for more-accurate data capture. We’ll also discuss utilizing Forge integrations such as and 360 Sync to streamline access to vital construction information.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover best practices for implementing user-specific and project training
    • Identify feedback loops necessary for optimizing workflows
    • Understand the importance of establishing expectations with regards to how BIM 360 will be deployed
    • Gain insight into how Forge integrations can be successfully used