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Bridging the Gap: A BIM for Manufacturers Workflow
Peter Maxwell-Stewart
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The workflow begins in Revit where a building will be prepared for export to Inventor. The prepared view will then be opened in Inventor where it will be populated with true-to-life and actual manufacturable detail. Tools such as the frame generator and sheet metal parts can be used to achieve this. The model will then be wrapped up and published back to the original Revit model via the BIM exchange. COBis parameters may also be added during this process adhering to BIM Level 2 compliancy.

Key Learnings

  • Prepare views for Inventor
  • Use Revit geometry to create manufacturable content
  • Republish data back to Revit using the project coordinates
  • Publish BIM Level 2 compliant parts


Peter Maxwell-Stewart
Peter Maxwell-Stewart is an application engineer at Cadline, specialising in the manufacturing products and BIM for manufacturers. Since starting his design career he has been using Autodesk products, ranging from standard modelling techniques through to stress analysis, frame generator, and the BIM exchange feature. Having worked as a manufacturer for the construction industry, he has a great understanding of BIM and has mastered a unique workflow to turn any manufacturer into a BIM Level 2 compliant supplier. Peter is also well versed in Fusion 360 and with its T-Splines. He is confident he can show you how to design any shape you need. He can also show you how to test it using stress analysis, simulate it, and render it out into a stunning image.

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