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Breaking Down Steel-to-Concrete Connection Design and Workflow Limitations

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    In this session, a customer will share the problems and productivity challenges faced when designing steel to concrete (S2C) connections. Hilti and IDEA StatiCa will show how to overcome these challenges in the future, and discuss where they stand in this exciting journey. Problem 1: methods and tools for design. You will discover background information on the ACI 318 requirement of a rigid base plate (and how to judge), and hear about AISC DG1, as well as the innovative component-based finite element model (CBFEM) method to solve this problem in a holistic way covering all design proofs also for complex connections. Problem 2: workflow integration. You will see workflows from Robot Structural Analysis software via Hilti PROFIS Engineering into Revit software, and will also learn about further plans (RISA Connection, SAP2000, and so on). This class will open the eyes of structural engineers, BIM and CAD experts, and managers in the construction industry, and it will unleash huge productivity and safety potential (recent case studies with more than 400 engineers showed savings of more than 60 minutes PER connection)

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use workflow productivity from digital interfaces
    • Learn about the assumptions of a rigid base plate in ACI 318, and discover ways to judge if this requirement has been met
    • Learn how to compare rigid and realistic base plates and assess the rigidity of the base plate
    • Learn how to verify the whole connection with all design proofs in one step using the innovative CBFEM method