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Beyond BIM 360 Design: Cloud Collaboration for Architects and Engineers

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    BIM 360 Design software provides powerful collaboration tools for architects and engineers through the use of its design collaboration workflow and Revit cloud collaboration capabilities. However, since it is built on and includes the BIM 360 Document Management service, it offers much more to those who want to take their cloud collaborations to the next level, and the next-generation BIM 360 Model Coordination service offers a more integrated and streamlined clash management utility. This class will show you how to take the data that you may already have in BIM 360 Design and use Document Management and Model Coordination to up your game, taking your collaboration and coordination efforts to the next level.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to easily move and copy Revit models from the "Projects" folder to "Plans" for better document management and model coordination
    • Learn how to use Document Management to create and manage markups, and generate and assign issues
    • Learn how to automate review workflows
    • Use Model Coordination to find and resolve conflicts between building components, before they become costly change orders