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BIMteractive: Pushing the Boundaries of Traditional Walkthroughs

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    Today clients expect to be "wowed." This means that you as a designer need to find ways to do more with your work and help your audience or clients better understand your designs and intentions. Generating compelling, interactive 3D in presentations is a way to really engage and help clients and stakeholders visualize spaces and designs, and in turn help you win more work. We'll use real-life project examples to show you how to effectively integrate a workflow that takes advantage of your existing Autodesk® Revit or AutoCAD® Civil 3D® software models to create an interactive walkthrough that is as easy and smooth to navigate as a modern video game and can be used for client, real estate, or town board presentations. We will discuss some of the challenges that designers may encounter when getting started, but how ultimately, anyone can take advantage of technology to produce professional presentations that can help build more business. Learn about available options for gaming engines to get the most value from your project intelligent models.

    Key Learnings

    • Describe a practical workflow for integrating your intelligent models in a game engine environment for producing interactive navigation
    • Explain the challenges and overcome them to effectively take full advantage of various 3D visualizations tools
    • Use your production models for marketing and presentation purposes through less traditional workflows
    • Explain the benefits of having a more interactive method of communicating designs and winning new business