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BIM4Manufacturing as a central hub to customers, vendors and manufacturing

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    Every company needs new and digital ways of collaboration. People and processes of different companies want and need to communicate and interact online. Therefore solutions have to be created that an internal IT infrastructure can easily adapt with cloud computing solutions. With BIM4Manufacturing there is a great "MacGyver" way for cloud collaboration in manufacturing and with suppliers. This webinar describes an agile way of process optimization by optimizing sprint by sprint different areas (sales, processing, production, purchasing, ...). Within a few days, processes in traditional manufacturing and/or extended workbenches can be digitally transformed. All that is needed is an internal IT structure (ERP/DMS/PDM) that can export data and documents. Every employee can immediately participate in his work process, consume CAD files and create added value.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how quickly manual processes can be transformed into a digital process.
    • Learn how easy it is to get started and how you can extend the processes sprint by sprint to other areas
    • Experience how easy it is, even if the company does not yet seem ready for the digital transformation!
    • BIM360 as supplier portal with connection to the ERP/DMS