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BIM in the World of Preconstruction with Assemble Systems
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Over the past few years, the construction industry has seen the emergence of BIM and technology being used to drive workflows and improve insight and efficiency for previously manual processes. In today’s industry, we still see a disconnection between designers and contractors, therefore causing struggles to utilise models to their full potential. Assemble’s cloud-based platform works to unlock the value of 3D models and extend the life of these models all the way from design through preconstruction and operations. Assemble extracts all of the valuable data from the model and allows you more effectively access and work with that data, including the ability to condition and add any data that might be needed for the contractor. This class will demonstrate where Assemble can provide value to companies throughout the AEC industry by referencing successful use cases for current customers, and key workflows that have been implemented on many projects around the world. We will look at how Assemble can provide time savings, improved reporting, transparency, and control over your data but utilising BIM in your day-to-day workflows. We will be focusing on preconstruction but can also explore how this data can be extended for use in the field as well.

Key Learnings

  • Use cloud-based BIM to enable improvements to common preconstruction workflows and pains such as quantity take-off, tracking changes across model iterations, and project coordination
  • Condition model-based data to better suit both preconstruction and downstream workflows
  • Enable preconstruction in the cloud with Assemble’s core functionalities and workflows



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