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BIM for FM: Utopia Versus Reality

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    Utilizing BIM for facilities management (FM) has been the utopian dream of BIM enthusiasts since the inception of BIM. A fully parametric BIM can provide immediate access to information from mechanical component types and periodic maintenance records, to fixture and equipment inventories, to seating charts and disaster recovery plans. However, a closer look at the process of delivering FM-BIM shows that a gap exists in integrating facility-related information with intelligent models for efficient handover to support facility management operations. There are many technical challenges posed due to the lack of interoperability of multiple software involved. Also, there are challenges in the process of data gathering due to the current contractual framework. This presentation will take a deeper dive in understanding the process and technology challenges in creating useful FM intelligent models and will propose a road map to turn the utopian dream of BIM for FM into reality.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the implications of COBie, No COBie, and Modified COBie for FM data collection
    • Learn about the interoperability or lack of interoperability between various BIM authoring and CMMS software
    • Learn about the challenges posed in the data-gathering process due to current contractual frameworks
    • Learn about the pros and cons of hiring a consultant for FM data collection