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BC Ministry of Transportation: Civil 3D Implementation

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    The BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (BC MoTI) plans transportation networks and provides transportation services and infrastructure for the Province of British Columbia. BC MoTI has transitioned from CAiCE and is now using Civil 3D software for consultant and in-house survey, design, and construction administration workflows. This class will detail the entire Civil 3D implementation process, including a BIM (Building Information Modeling)-based approach for the development of workflows and data handoffs, CAD standardization, subassembly and application customization, training and information dissemination, continued support, and documentation. The end product is a Civil 3D terms-of-reference document that describes all of the requirements for using Civil 3D for survey, design, and construction administration tasks, and is applicable to both Ministry staff and private sector consultants.

    Key Learnings

    • Appreciate the level of effort required to properly implement Civil 3D to a major transportation organization
    • Understand the importance of technology implementation in terms of individual workflows
    • Understand how data can be capitalized on and moved efficiently through all transportation infrastructure project procurement phases
    • Discover the importance of having good tools for collaboration and sharing important project information