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AppBundle: Cross-Distribution for Autodesk Products, App Store, and Forge

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    The AppBundle used for distribution is now being widely adopted by Autodesk products as a way to standardize the format across software products. It enables you to easily package an app or plug-in to be loaded in many different products and versions. It is the recommended format to easily bundle together the resources, and manage its description, configuration, and compatibility. We will cover the format and structure of it, and how it is being used by the App Store to distribute apps, plug-ins, tutorials, and content. We will learn the structure and properties of an AppBundle, keeping in mind that it is compatible with most of the Autodesk products, like Maya software, 3ds Max software, AutoCAD software, Revit software, Inventor software, Navisworks software, Fusion 360 software, and BIM 360 software. It is also the format adopted to run remote jobs with the Forge Design Automation API on the server side. This packaging practice is also beneficial for apps or plug-ins installed in local systems.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create an AppBundle that can be distributed in most Autodesk products, Forge Design Automation, App Store, and local toolsets.
    • Package app resources and describe configuration and compatibility.
    • Gain an overview of minor differences between products in the AppBundle format.
    • Discover where to get further technical help.