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Anybody Can Do IT: Easily Build Revit Content in Inventor

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    There is an increasing desire to build custom designs that can more easily convert from traditional mechanical and industrial CAD tools into BIM (Building Information Modeling)-ready content that can be utilized inside of Revit software. Inventor software has the capability to generate Revit-ready content, but often this requires specialized knowledge of the process. What if things didn’t have to be this way? What if any CAD designer could quickly assemble components with BIM-enabled features, easily compile multiple components into one compiled model, and populate BIM connectors for final insertion into Revit with a click of a button? Doesn’t that sound amazing? The workflow in this class will utilize everyday Inventor techniques to set the stage for powerful iLogic capabilities to enable virtually any designer to configure Inventor models into Revit-ready content.

    Key Learnings

    • Differentiate unique BIM-enabled surfaces using custom Inventor Appearances.
    • Learn how to use the component library approach to quickly build assembly models.
    • Learn how to create a single Shrinkwrap model representing the final Revit model.
    • Learn how to automate the creation of BIM connectors using the custom Inventor Appearances.