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Advanced Strategies for Managing Your Projects in BIM 360 Design Collaboration

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    With the release of the BIM 360 Design Collaboration module, a variety of opportunities are open to project teams with respect to how they control the information flow between different participants. Understanding the flow of publish, package, share, and consume is just the beginning. Understanding the nuances of the permissions system lets you connect your linked Revit files to each other and to other data types in ways that go beyond the strict rules imposed by the system's default behaviors. We will walk you through the most-restrictive (default) approach, and then address strategies regarding how to make the permission system work for you, and how to integrate non-Revit design team members using Desktop Connector or the Forge platform. Beyond how to use the system, we will also address the consequences for consultants engaged in the environment via their clients. What are the implications for third parties when they’re asked to participate in what is effectively a “low-trust” environment over which they have no direct control?

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to set up a new project in BIM 360 Design Collaboration
    • Learn how to adjust permissions to make the system more open for some team members
    • Discover how other team members who not working in Revit can still participate in design collaboration
    • Understand the ramifications for third parties who are invited to participate in the environment