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Advanced BIM Workflows for Linear Infrastructure Modelling
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Discover how the apparently contradicting requirements of quickly finding a preferred design option on the one hand and getting highly accurate data for a more detailed modeling in the subsequent planning process on the other hand can be combined.
Be inspired how Deutsche Bahn Engineering & Consulting developed connected BIM workflows with Infraworks, Revit and Dynamo to solve this challenge in one of the currently largest railway projects in Germany.
Find out how Infraworks has been used for visualization and design reviews, sharing alternatives with key project stakeholders or detect critical areas for further planning coordination in a more detailed level of development.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to manage and address client BIM requirements in a large-scale railway project
  • Find out how the team used point cloud data and generated models in a connected BIM workflow (i.e. Infraworks and Revit) to enable coordination and visualization BIM uses
  • Discover how Dynamo scripts and adoptive components were used to automate modeling of tracks, pylons and overhead lines along the rail alignment
  • See how the project delivery, model handover, and design review were improved with BIM 360 Docs



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