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3D Subsurface Data Visualization: Integration with InfraWorks and BIM 360
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In the environmental industry, there is an ongoing need for analyzing and visualizing subsurface data such as soil and groundwater contamination in correlation with above-ground features to optimize the remediation design and thereby reduce the cost. An idea for a conceptual site model by integrating 3D contaminant plume with the InfraWorks tool has now been achieved to provide comprehensive understanding of a contaminated site. Also, the historical above-ground elements (roads, buildings, and tanks) were digitized using Civil 3D software and recreated using objects available within InfraWorks software. The integrated model was later published in BIM 360 software. A fly-through animated video was also developed in InfraWorks. With the help of Autodesk tools and environment, an idea has now become a reality as this is a powerful way to help client user experiences where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real time: clients can literally “see underground” on their sites.

Key Learnings

  • Discover a 3D subsurface contaminant data visualization in an Autodesk environment.
  • Discover a conceptual site model and integration with InfraWorks.
  • Learn about selection and optimization of remediation strategy for a contaminated site with the aid of an integrated 3D model.
  • Learn about contaminated 3D subsurface model integration with built and natural assets.



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