Lecture    CR3576-P
3D to 6D: BIM for a Multiple-Building Complex
Grace Wang
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Using project examples, this class will address the use of multiple software applications as a workflow, dealing with multiple clients and users—all of whom are collaborating and coordinating on large-scale buildings in one complex. The class will cover how we implemented Building Information Modeling (BIM) from 3D through 6D for design, coordination, simulation, estimating, and facilities management. We will discuss techniques used by the team to streamline the design process, program settings we used to facilitate BIM use in the construction phase, 4D simulations, visualization of building interfaces, BIM-integrated estimating processes and procedures, and BIM-integrated facilities management.

Key Learnings

  • Describe best practices and workflow to manage and coordinate a large-scale BIM project involving multiple teams
  • Design to benefit estimating, construction, and facilities management
  • For building owners, explain what BIM can do to enable them to better design, construct, and operate buildings
  • For facilities managers, describe how BIM can interface and integrate with computerized maintenance management systems


 Grace Wang
Grace Wang
Grace Wang is the Design and Construction Visualization Coordinator for Jacobs Arlington, VA office. She has extensive knowledge of BIM aided estimating, 4D modeling, and advanced visualization of facilities. Grace has a Master of Science degree from Penn State University. She provides BIM support to multiple projects focusing on BIM quantification, clash detection, design review, 4D modeling and BIM Integrated Facilities Management. She uses her construction background to help designers design for construction. Grace spans the gap between A/E project designers to ongoing PM/CM projects.

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