O’NEAL & Quintessential Design Deliver a Smarter, Safer Helmet With Autodesk Fusion 

Mickey Wakefield Mickey Wakefield January 22, 2024

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See how O’NEAL and Quintessential Design developed a new motocross and mountain biking helmet that could save a rider’s life. 

When you’re racing through mud or gravel, maneuvering tight curves, and flying off hills, motocross and mountain biking require more than your typical gear. And that’s especially true for the helmet.  

For more than 50 years, O’NEAL has been synonymous with the design and development of protective apparel and accessories focused on safety. Recently, the company collaborated with Quintessential Design to develop a new helmet that could save a rider’s life in more ways than one. 

Fusion reduces average design process time by 4X

For this new helmet design, O’NEAL incorporated Quin, a sensor device inserted into the base of the helmet that connects to an app on the rider’s mobile phone. Unlike average crash detectors, Quin locates and tracks crashes much more precisely. It can even inform an emergency service provider if the rider is in a severe crash. 

Since both O’NEAL and Quintessential Design use Autodesk Fusion for their designs, the teams were able to seamlessly bring the product, hardware, and software together. 

“Fusion helped us a lot because we were working with three types of companies, and therefore you need one hub where all the data and all the R&D work is being stored and managed,” says Thomas Adam Saier, head of design, O’NEAL Europe. “I think Fusion helped us save on costs because if you take an average design process of such an implementation, it takes up to 24 months. We did it in six months.”

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