Mickey Wakefield

I've spent almost 20 years both helping individuals and companies improve their design and manufacturing processes by paying attention to their needs, methods and markets while developing sales channels and strategies for the products and services I believe in. Its never easy to build relationships and convince others to change their thinking, but I've done it by making sure projects are delivered on time and with a positive ROI - and a lot of patience. My extensive experience with CAD, data management and simulation software forms a basis upon which my nearly two-decades of consultative advisement builds. I have seen hundreds of clients'​ engineering and production processes and I know that even the best have opportunities to save time and money, improve quality and customer satisfaction, and become more competitive. I've helped companies all over Europe and the world exceed their goals, with less effort than they had imagined, and I've built dynamic sales channels and business relationships that will continue long after my time as a business partner has ended.