10 Fusion 360 Classes From Autodesk University 2020 You Can Watch Right Now

Emily Suzuki December 3, 2020 4 min read

We recently wrapped up Autodesk University 2020, where we hosted a four-day agenda of virtual keynotes, talks, and courses. This year, the global event was digital and completely free, so it was accessible to anyone, anywhere.

In continuing with our mission to make Autodesk University accessible to as many of our customers as possible, we’re now offering free, on-demand access to most of the Fusion 360-focused courses. And let me tell you, there are a lot to choose from — and by “a lot,” we mean over 100!

Whether you couldn’t make it the first time around or want to re-live the fun, here’s a list of 10 courses we think you’ll particularly enjoy watching.

100 Things Beginners Should Learn in Fusion 360

Are you a Fusion 360 beginner? No problem! During this class, you’ll get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Fusion 360. You’ll walk away with high-level strategies and handy tips and tricks that’ll help you feel more confident when you get started with Fusion 360.

Watch ‘100 Things Beginners Should Learn in Fusion 360’ here.

Getting Tipsy with Fusion 360

Yeah, you read that right. In this course, you’ll learn as many Fusion 360 tips as possible in 60 minutes while recreating the Engineers’ Guide to Drinks. When coming up with a title for this tips and tricks class, Moyse thought about how much more sober everyone will be at Autodesk University this year given it’s not being held in Las Vegas (in theory, at least). This thought immediately invoked the Engineers’ Guide to Drinks and how it would be a fun way to cover a series of tips and tricks across sketching, modeling, assemblies, animation, rendering, and manufacturing.

Watch Getting Tipsy with Fusion 360 here.

Advanced Direct Modeling in T-Splines and Parametric Design

Direct modeling empowers users to fully immerse themselves in an explorative modeling experience, and it can also bypass steps, such as setting planes, sketches, and other 3D commands. While direct modeling is typically associated with T-Splines via the Sculpt environment, it is also possible to use it in parametric settings. This presentation illustrates the power of direct modeling in both environments in Fusion 360 through the use of simple yet effective workflows.

Watch ‘Advanced Direct Modeling in T-Splines and Parametric Design’ here.

Learn the Rules, Then Break Them: Fusion 360 for Industrial Robot Arms

Fusion 360 software now offers a simple workflow for programming industrial robot arms. During this lab, users will use the manufacturing space from Fusion 360 to generate robot native code that can drive industrial robot arms. You’ll learn everything from generic robot workflows to how to export code into a virtual robot simulator for validation.

Watch ‘Fusion 360 for Industrial Robot Arms’ here.

Debugging Your Fusion 360 Design: Let’s Get Rid of Red and Yellow Features

Even the best Fusion 360 designers end up with errors and warnings in their designs sometimes. This class shows you how to fix your Fusion 360 design when it breaks and how to prevent errors from occurring in the first place. You’ll learn about “debugging” techniques, which design practices will produce the most-stable designs, and more.

Watch ‘Debugging Your Fusion 360 Design’ here.

30 Tips and Tricks with Generative Design in 60 Minutes

Get ready for a lightning round of tips coming your way! This course covers 30 generative design tips in just 60 minutes. It’s an ideal class for 3D modeling beginners who want to explore the benefits of generative design and high-level users who want a refresher on how generative design can improve their workflow.

Watch ’30 Tips and Tricks with Generative Design’ here.

Creating a Drone Chassis Using Generative Design

After attending this lab, you’ll be able to create your own drone chassis using generative design in Fusion 360. You’ll cover different manufacturing techniques, generative design workflows from scratch, algorithm tips, and more. This course is made for all skill levels — beginners and seasoned veterans are both welcome.

Watch ‘Creating a Drone Chasis Using Generative Design’ here.

Dual-Spindle Lathes: The Cheapest Form of Automation

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to program dual-spindle, live-tool lathes in Fusion 360. You’ll use Templates to automate the CAM and programming process, discuss considerations around machine purchase, work holding, tooling, and more.

Watch ‘Dual-Spindle Lathes: The Cheapest Form of Automation’ here.

Additive Manufacturing: A 360 Approach

This session demonstrates how design for additive manufacturing, generative design, and integrated CAM functionality within Fusion 360 can help businesses capitalize on additive manufacturing. You’ll learn about how software like Fusion 360 and Netfabb can integrate into additive manufacturing workflows to enable businesses to break down barriers to digital manufacturing and look at best practices to follow as you explore opportunities for applying additive manufacturing strategies.

Watch ‘Additive Manufacturing: A 360 Approach’ here.

Fusion 360 Case Study: Designing a Musical Effect with ECAD-MCAD Workflows

In this instructional demo, we show how Fusion 360 electronics software can be maximized with modeling tools to produce a distortion-effect pedal end to end. We discuss the design of the effect in detail, as well as how having an integrated workflow between electronics and mechanical tooling simplifies and expedites the design process. Throughout the demo, we highlight the specific features in Fusion 360 that enabled us to go from idea to completed prototype.

Watch ‘Designing a Musical Effect with ECAD-MCAD Workflows’ here.

Hungry for more learning opportunities from Autodesk University 2020? We have your back — you can check out our fill list of courses here. And if you haven’t tried out Fusion 360 yet, what are you waiting for? Start your free trial today.


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